ABLACH - Aon [One] - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

ABLACH formed in 2007 in Aberdeen Scotland, and features ex-members of crust outfit FILTHPACT and current members of death metallers, BONESAW.
Released on Blastwork Records on CD, Aon features 12 tracks of grinding brutality complete with dual vocal assault - incl. covers of NAPALM DEATH nad TERRORIZER.
Artwork by Stiv (VISIONS OF WAR) and mixed & mastered by Bri (DOOM).
"Closely aligned with crust/grind punks FILTHPACT and AUTOPSY-worshipping death primitives BONESAW, Aberdeens furiously old school grindbastards Ablach follow their jaw-dropping 2008 demo with as vicious a debut as anything with an early MOSH catalogue number. Influenced by the crunchy extremity of From Enslavement To Obliteration and informed by the history and culture of Scotland, dual vocals spit out paeons to historical betrayal and contemporary failure in English and Gaelic, neatly underlining the difference between nationalism and nationality as being prepared to confront and catalogue not only injustices against your kin past but of the injustices they themselves perpetrated, proving Alba every bit as perfidious as Albion. The musical reference points may not be lighting fireworks in the aisles of Rough Trade but serious statements require direct, unsubtle acts of communication and as the anarchopunks discovered when their message fell on deaf ears, there was nowt more effective than the brutal blast of old school crust/grind." - terrorizer

Label: Blastwork rec.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUMa27l8kx0 - listen
AGATHOCLES - Release Party Superiority Overdose - DVD - 7 E / 30 pln

Agathocles live at their "Superiority Overdose" CD-release party on DVD.
One of their longest gigs ever! Superb sound and video quality. Tracklist:
1. Chop Off Their Genitals
2. Proud to Be Out
3. A for Arrogance
4. Smash to Nothingness
5. Directed by the U.S.
6. Superiority Overdose
7. Theatric Symbolisation of Life
8. I Didn't Ask
9. Autumness
10. Bureaucracy Versus Efficiency
11. Trust? No Me!
12. Saturday Night Swindle
13. Raw War
14. Get Off Your Ass
15. Hunt Fox Hunters
16. You Bet
17. Without a Clue
18. Bait of the State
19. Libelisation
20. Take a Piss
21. At Random
22. Hand in Hand
23. Agarchy
24. Autonomy Melts
25. Teachers
26. Cash Your Do the Job
27. Slaves to the Beat
28. Alexandra's End

Label: Tumult rec.
AGATHOCLES - To Serve... To Protect / Leads To... - CD - 7 E / 30 pln

Mincecore crust punk

Label: No Fashio HC rec.
AGATHOCLES / AMOCLEN - split CD - 5 E / 20 pln

Great Mincecore attack from these cult guys! Amoclen is playing also fucking intense great grindcore from Czech Republic.

Label: Lecter Music Agency
AGATHOCLES / CROWD CONTROL - split CD - 5 E / 20 pln

Second release in support of Anarchist Black Cross Russia. Mincecore monsters Agathocles plus political grindcore band Crowd Control from Saint-Petersburg. Digipack

Label: Street Influence
AGATHOCLES / H.407 - For What For Who? - split CD - 7 E / 30 pln

The tracks from AGATHOCLES were recorded live 1997 in tongerlo/belgium at the release show for the "thanks for your hostility" album and offer an awesome sound quality.
H.407 were a grindcore/crust band from Poland, and share also splits with SUFFERING MIND, DISARM, HUMAN ERROR, UNTAMED. Members of H.407 are involved now in S.A.T.A.N, HELLISHEAVEN, Zaraza Production and Dark Side Of Punk Records. The material from H.407 were recorded in studio in may 2005, and including cover of legendary's DEZERTER.
1 It's Not Your Problem
2 Old Lies
3 Corrupted Brain
4 We Cannot Cheat Ourselves
5 War For The Oil
6 Concreted Everything Alive
7 Grinded
8 They Try To Entrap Us
9 U.S.A.
10 Society
11 Moneys Failure
12 Swindle (cover of DEZERTER)
13 Expression
14 Criminalisation Of Strange Behaviour
15 Knock Back
16 Trust? Not Me
17 Thanks For Your Hostility
18 Progress Or Stupidity
19 Remember
20 Consuming Endoderme Pus
21 Cheers Mankind Cheers
22 Life Control
23 Distraction
24 Bigheaded Bastards
25 Kill Your Fucking Idols

Label: Apathic View
AGATHOCLES / THE VANISHING ACT - split CD - 5 E / 20 pln

Agathocles needs absolutely NO introduction and The Vanishing Act is a deathgrind band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. On the Agathocles side of the split, there are no surprises; just straight ahead mincing with particularly raw recording quality. The Vanishing Act play in an exceptionally unique style that blends the old-school deathgrind of AUTOPSY, IMPETIGO or REPULSION with the dark melodies of modern hardcore / screamo and a hint of goregrind influence; it's eerie, vile, emotional and visceral all at the same time.

Label: Sir Punkly rec.

Grinders from Agathocles with another great split, this time with Venereal Disease - goregrind/grindcore band from Spain - formed in 2001 by Iker Coprophagus Nn~ez (vocals also in Necrolust (Esp), Kangrena Vaginal, Bilis) and drummer Christian Impaler. There's also IMPETIGO cover here.

Label: Victim / Perrovaca Banaketak / Zumo De Pux / Humildad Y Honestidad / Cooperation /Magnicidio
AGNOSY - Traits of the past - CD digi - 7 E / 30 pln

AGNOSY is a Punk band based in London, UK and was formed in the year 2010, some of their members already played in GIVE UP ALL HOPE, BEGINNING OF THE END, DOOM, EBOLA, HEALTH HAZARD, SAWN OFF, HIATUS, ... and some more more or less well-known acts. When you read this list of bands you already know what to expect, AGNOSY play down-tuned D-Beat, Punk, Stenchcore with darker melodies, mixing old Stenchcore legends like HELLBASTARD, AMEBIX or DEVIATED INSTINCT with more modern Crust, Punk in the vein of TRAGEDY, HELLSHOCK, STORMCROW, ETC. Following the release of their debut album 'Past The Point Of No Return', Agnosy deliver yet again an unforgettable crust record with an unusually good production within the genre, but one which retains all the feeling and power necessary!
This CD is a mexican tour edition.

Label: Mundo En Kaos / Dogma Destroyer / Exabrupto / Sentimientos De Lucha / Life In Disaster
ANCIENT EMBLEM - Throne With No God - CD - 7 E / 30 pln

Spanish Black Metal band Ancient Emblem is striking in both its familiarity and it's directness. Sticking to old school, true Norwegian style black metal, Ancient Emblem do not deviate at all from the path laid out by those bands, but they pull it off based on the energy put forth in the music. It is produced and played expertly, proving that originality is not necessary to make a good record. The album also stands out in the lyrical department. I think the liner notes say it best. "4 lovers of gloomy and raw sounds which support veg(etari)an way of life and deeply hate attitudes based on discrimination and domination such as religion, homophobia, sexism, speciesism, racism, fascism, or Nazism." This is a refreshing and hopeful worldview, especially since the band comes from Spain, a country consistently threatened by right wing groups, and the Black Metal scene, which includes some less than savory politics. Topics covered include environmentalism (Crow will tell, Old Tree), organized religion (Stolen Symbols, My Unique Law), and individualism (Over my Equals, Stone Circle) This album is for devotees or raw, old school black metal. The music rarely strays away from that, only occasionally slowing to a more ambient pace. This is an album for the kvlt at heart. Fans of atmospheric black metal need not apply.

Label: Mundo En Kaos
ANTIGAMA / DEFORMED - Roots of chaos - split CD - 5 E / 20 pln

Polish bands show their newest musical faces and these are definitely not the faces that you would like to see in the dark alley at night! Digi-tech grindcores ANTIGAMA and their experimental disharmonic stuff vs unleashed intense neanderthal hyper death/grind of DEFORMED - such confrontation guarantees massive collateral damage, so watch your ears!

Label: Deformeathing prod.
ATOMCK - Never work - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

Previously only available for download or a cassette that was limited to 100 copies, this Grindcore masterpiece is now available on CD for the first time! feature 19 bonus tracks of the whole album being played live! 38 tracks total.

Label: Rip Roar Shitstorm rec.
AUSTRASIAN GOAT (THE) - Stains Of Resignation - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

Originally started since 4 years and after a bunch of Eps, splits an compilations records, here's finally the second full lenght by THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT, one-man band project leaded by Julien Louvet. After one year of work, this record is built by 9 various tracks, between furious black metal, atmoshperic funeral doom and folk ballads, surely his best and mature work ever. There are also a lot of guest appearances on this album like JARBOE on "Voice of Voice of Aenima".

Label: Musicfearsatan
BARBARA - Peger - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

Juxtaposing noise-core, grind and doom, with strong hints of black metal, it's hard to accept the fact that Barbara's instrumental line-up is comprised only by a drummer (David OPP A.K.A Cadaver Eyes) and a bass player (Re-em H). Both of them also deliver the screams and perverse whispers on their first album in four years, a hectic and mindless anti-musical rupture.
For fans of Today Is The Day, VOG, Truman's Water, Burmese, Lightning Bolt and Pig Destroyer.

Label: Heart & Crossbone
BLOOD I BLEED / MASSGRAV - split CD - 5 E / 20 pln

Tentatively planned to be released on cult SOUND POLLUTION label, here comes the CD version of the great split between BLOOD I BLEED and MASSGRAV. The all-new CD consists of unrelenting, ultra-fast songs by the Dutch masters of non-stop thrash/grind/punk, BLOOD I BLEED, and MASSGRAV, the Swedish kings of fast punk/thrash fury. The bands have recorded respectively 12 and 13 songs each.
If you are into HERESY, INTENSE DEGREE, S.O.B., MOB 47, KRIGSHOT, YACOPSEAE, MY MINDS MINE, HELLNATION, and SIEGE then this split is a must have.

Label: Selfmadegod
BONESAW - The Illicit Revue - CD digi - 7 E / 30 pln

BONESAW formed in early 2000 with the sole intention of creating Death Metal the old way, drawing influence from the likes of AUTOPSY, ABSCESS, ENTOMBED, BOLT THROWER, REPULSION, etc. Plagued with devoted member issues from the offset, it took till 2008 before the lineup finally settled. 2013 brings the band's second full-length effort, entitled The Illicit Revue.
Presented as a digipak CD with mini-poster lyric insert.
Cover art provided by Dennis Dread.

Label: At War with False Noise / Unholy Anarchy
BRODY'S MILITIA - Covered In Violence - CD - 7 E / 30 pln

Presented by Colombian label Trauma Records is a deluxe CD re-issue of the covers album "Covered in Violence" from U.S. hardcore punk outfit Brody's Militia! Originally released by German label Regurgitated Semen Records in 2012, this special slipcase CD edition includes both a postcard and a patch. Includes covers of bands such as Nunslaughter, Motorhead, Sarcofago, Celtic Frost, Led Zeppelin, The Ramones, Black Sabbath, Circle Jerks, Antiseen, and Crass.

Label: Trauma rec.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAKGxC_PQW8 - listen
CEASELESS DESOLATION - Nicosc - CD digipack - 5 E / 20 pln

Debut album of this Polish blackened crustcore combo formed in 2009, brings 11 powerful tracks combining a wide range of influences - from MARTYRDD, SKITSYSTEM to DYSTOPIA, from sludge to black metal and straight-forward downtuned d-beat/crust. Heavy and evil riffs, dirty (yet really great) sound, skillful musicianship and mad, possessed vocals spitting out depressive lyrics filled with contempt, self-disgust and disappointment with society and the world we live in (one of the songs is actually Charles Bukowski's Misbegotten Paradise). Most definitely one of the best Polish releases of 2013.

Label: Chaos W Mojej Glowie rec.
D9 - s/t - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

Named after one of the most imaginative and infamous key roles in the Israeli occupation, D9 is as merciless as this monstrous bulldozer, ramming reality in its' forehead with their post apocalyptic hectic predictions, directed towards the Israeli state and the worlds' systematic moral corruption, fueling their fury with an offensive portion of old school hardcore punk, and generating this boiling wrath into an original crushing blend of sly grindcore and bare boned power violence hostility, with a fair amount of devastating sludgy riffage and obscure electronic noise intervals to make their squashing sound even more quirky and disturbing. Consisting of members from old school death metal new comers Sonne Adam and power electronics act Malben.
Recommended if you like Dropdead, Pig Destroyer, Man is the Bastard, Burmese, early Facedowninshit, Capitalist Casualties, Dystopia and Siege.

Label: Heart & Crossbone
www.lastfm.pl/music/D9 - listen
DARKFLIGHT - Closure - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

Great band - mix doom & black metal from Bulgaria! My one complaint and it ruins a lot for this release, is that the sound is awful. Perfectly calm had it right. This is such a step backwards both in sound, and pretty much everything else. While not bad, it is by no means an improvement over Perfectly calm. There are some great elements, there are some powerful songs on here that keep it interesting, and that at least evens out the horrid production. The last track on the CD is such a stand out too, it alone makes it worth the purchase. And oddly it dose not suffer from the bad production as the other songs do. In any case if you enjoy Darkflight, then this is for you.

Label: Black Plague rec.
DAWNRIDER - The third crusade - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

Third album from one of Europe's most solid doom bands. Dawnrider of Portugal aren't out to reinvent the hammer here, and to be honest, when I'm in the mood for DOOM METAL that is not what I want! They play heavy, rocking doom with a nice bluesy edge and satsifying, fat production. Nice use of organ, particularly on single "Cry Of The Vampire", which has a real Paul Chain/Death SS sound to it. Europe never gave up on doom and Dawnrider remind me a lot of the bands coming out in the early 2000s like Violet Vortex and Well Of Souls, proudly holding the banner aloft! This one will most definitely appeal to fans of the last BLOOD FARMERS album, treading a very similar sound to the American legends.

Label: At War With False Noise rec.
DEAD GOATS (THE) - Don't go in the Tomb - CD - 5 E

This time masters of swedish death metal style hailing from Bialystok/Poland, delivered 3 tracks (including "Festering Boils" cover of legendary's REPULSION) pure old school way totally inspired Nihilist, Grave, Entombed with a hint of scandinavian (of course!) punk scene Wolfbrigade, Uncurbed, Driller Killer...
EP was produced by Satanic Audio. Artwork by Szymon Siech/Uberretard.

Label: Arachnophobia Rec.

DEAD GOATS (THE) / ICON OF EVIL - split CD - 6,5 E / 25 pln

Undisputed uderground Death Metal split from Poland!
TDG hit perfectly as always on swedisch style + cover AUTOPSY.
IOE - righly recommended if you like BOLT THROWER, VITAL REMAINS, DEICIDE.
CD version released by Selfmadegod Records.

Label: selfmadegod rec.
DEATH DEALERS - Files of atrocity - CD digi - 7 E / 30 pln

Remember when you used to create a dream-team-band in your head? If it used to count with Extreme Noise Terror and Anti-Cimex members, then you are one lucky motherfucker! Death Dealers is a new Raw Crust D-beat band with Dean Jones, Phil Vane and Chino from E.N.T and Charlie Claeson from Anti-Cimex alongside with members from Raw Noise! Pure Dis-Cimex annihilation done by fuckers playing punk for more than 20 years. This record will open a vortex in your house and throw you in a dirty english squat circa 1983! Artwork & design by Sean Fitzgerald. Deluxe Digipack version. For fans of: Extreme Noise Terror, Anti-Cimex, Raw Noise, Discharge, Doom, Disrupt..

Label: Terrotten rec.
DESECRATION - 20 Years Of Perversion And Gore - CD - 7 E / 30 pln

Veterans UK Death Metal bastards DESECRATION are back with a 13 tracks compilation including previously unreleased demo tracks, remixes and a selection of tracks from all of their full-lengths, summing up a 20+ years carreer in violence, brutality and sickness. Old-school fanatics: get it!

Label: Trauma rec.
DESTINO/ENTIERRO - Cryptic Procession Of The Yellow Sign - CD - 7 E / 30 pln

Doom death band formed by members of Freakhate, General Winter, Human Waste, Lux Divina , Memest etc... remeinds me ACEPHALIX.

Label: Trauma rec.
DISFORTUNE - Disanthropy - CD digi - 5 E / 20 pln

Disfortune formed in Bristol in February 2011 playing raw D-beat crust. After self releasing the demo "The Grand Disappointment" and getting a steady line up together (including members of Exeter Grind band Human Cull) they recorded a second demo "D-beat noisemarines" which was given out for free. They started gigging one year after forming in February 2012 and have since shared the stage with Doom, Warhead, Violent Arrest, FUK, Wormrot, Agnosy, Looking for an answer, Crucial Section and Geriatric Unit among others. Their debut ep "Disanthropy" was released on tape by Desorden records (Spain) in October 2013 and is soon due for a CD release on a multi label collaboration to be announced shortly.

Label: Wooaaargh rec.
DOLDRUMS - s/t - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

The long awaited full length is out - 6 new trax of blistering doom filled self loathing crust. Featuring members of SECURITY THREAT and CATHETER, CAPITALIST CASUALTIES, ASSHAMMER. In the vein of early NEUROSIS, CHRISTDRIVER and AMEBIX with razor blades in their back pockets to end it all.

Label: Bad People rec.
EIBON - II - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

Eibon is doom/sludge band from Paris, France. After two splits, one MCD and one full-length, "II" marks EIBON's bleakest and most ambitious material to date. Recorded in a live setting by Sylvain Biguet (Comity, Revok, As We Draw) then mixed and mastered by Francis Caste (Arkhon Infaustus, Kickback, Cowards), "The Void Settlers" and "Elements Of Doom" are two massive twenty-minutes tracks where EIBON refine their very own vision of slow and painful music, infusing their raw sludge/doom with black metal and more atmospheric parts. A must-have for fans of Ramesses, Unearthly Trance or older Neurosis.

Label: Aestetic Death
FATUM ELISUM - s/t - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

"Fatum Elisum is a young band from France, from the city of Rouen to be more precise; a place where the guys from Ataraxie also live. You wont escape a comparison as both bands proves to be Doom merchants of the same league.
The songs are really very long on this first album the re-mastering of their first and only demo with new artwork. If the tracks length can alienate some listeners, one must grant Fatum Elisum an obvious talent to develop a creative and captivating songwriting: theres a strong artistic potential in here and it requires some attention in order to fully grasp all the subtleties it is made of.
This is Death Doom allright, but far to be another My Dying Brides copycat, the Normans put forth something rather more extreme, closer to Ataraxie (for the overall atmosphere), Bethlehem (for the coldness) and Celtic Frost period Into The Pandemonium (for the literary aspect the song Dancer Of Spirals even contains a passage of a poem by Francois Villon, while the general theme is overtly religious).
EndE displays a wide vocal range, which bears Marco Kehrens imprint (Deinonychus). The guys have come to a particular deal with whatever Church authory and they manage to record all the vocal parts in an actual church! ( You can have a glance at some pictures of the session on their Myspace). How they did it, I have no clue, but the fact is it sounds huge! From weeping, the voice turns violent, always filled with an incredible fervor ... a religious kind of fervor, of course. The almost crystalline clarity of it, and its staggering scope, confirm that after the wonderful The Trinity Sessions from Canadian folk-rockers The Cowboy Junkies and the superb Domkirke recently released by SunnO))), a recording session in a religious building brings a lot of great atmospheres and some rare deep feelings into music.
Songs like Fatum Elisum or In Vain convey a myriad of details and call to meditation, introspection, invite you to think about what defines us as humans far beyond our sheer expectations as Metal fans... well...
Seldom Ive been so amazed by a new band and, in recent memory, only The Bottle Doom Lazy Band (another Doom act whose vocalist also doesnt hesitate to use almost religious vocal tones) came up with a first album that convinced me as strong. Fatum Elisum is a smart band, a band whose music transcends even the mere fact of being 'just' Doom Metal. The potential here is tremendous, and the technical background sufficient to let Fatum Elisum sail far, ifar away. If ATARAXIE is the french ESOTERIC, then they are the french EVOKEN." - doom-metal.com

Label: Aesthetic Death
www.myspace.com/fatumelisum www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTZa0WZm1PM - listen www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKRhUwJf4rU - listen

Tokyo Japan's blasting and grinding death team FLAGITIOUS IDIOSYNCRASY IN THE DILAPIDATION is ready for battle! The four ladies destroy with reckless ferocity. High speed grindcore with touches of traditional Japanese hardcore, blazing fast drumming, relentless guitar work and blood curdling screaming vocals all intertwine to deliver a lethal dose of manic thrashcore fury! Sounds like early Carcass or Napalm Death but not so naive and technically excellent. F.I.D play fast, filthy, furious grindcore in the vein of INSECT WARFARE, PHOBIA, and CAPTAIN CLEANOFF.

Label: Tu Nicht Gut
FROMTHEASHES - Heading For Dystopia - 3"MCD - 2 E / 8 pln

Insane crusty grindcore thrash influnced mayhem! FromTheAshes have been spanking the scene among other things since 2002. "Heading For Dystopia" kicks more ass than Chuck Liddell! And thats alot of ass. 11 songs and only 2 songs over a minute long. This record is pure rage and intensity caught digitally. Pick this record up and lay waste to all in the pit. This is another cd that goes well beyond recommended!

Label: Rawby rec.
www.youtube.com/ - FROMTHEASHES
FROM THE DEPTHS / NAGF - split CD - 6 E / 25 pln

FROM THE DEPTHS was formed at the beginning of 2008 by members of CATHARSIS (yes! this one furious anarchist hard core!), REQUIEM, NETWORK OF TERROR, AURYM, and BALACLAVA. Traveling in a van donated by Winona's Really Really Free Market after their vegetable-oil-powered truck died mid-tour, they performed for fellow demonstrators outside the 2008 Democratic and Republican National Conventions; they?ve also played benefit shows for RNC arrestees, Green Scare defendants, and other prisoners in the anticapitalist struggle.
Taking anarchist music back on the stage, NAGF was born in Bogot (Colombia) in 2008 to stand for the critical-political music which refuses to bepart of the consumer based standards. In spite of the short time, the band was conformed some of the members have been involved in the hardcore/punk scene for more than ten years. And some of them are currently playing in bands like: Xterminio, Res Gestae, Otra Alternativa, Reaccin Propia, Sabotaje, Grita o Muere y Mano de Obra Barata.
NAGF created their own vision of epic dark hard core somwhere in between ICTUS, EKKAIA, NUX VOMICA and AGRIMONIA.

Label: Acclaim Collective
GASKMASK TERROR - Discography - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

Gasmask Terrr is a French d-beat crust / hardcore punk band from Bordeaux, formed in late 2003. Their sound is similar to bands like TOTALITAR, DISCHARGE, ANTI-CIMEX, DISKONTO. CD included everything the bands had recorded so far from the Ruins and then, Rehearsal demo" in 2004, their Self Title EP and LP in 2006 and 2007, Architects of Death 7" EP in 2008 and their latest LP, Black Sun/Fake Gold in 2010. 41 complete tracks.

Label: Sukma / Cactus / Flower Of Carnage
G.U.N.A. - Pudrido - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

Old school grindcore from Spain.

Label: Primitive Noise rec.
HUTT - Monstruario - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

With their demo "Miservel," Brazil's pure Grind blasters HUTT drew attention of many people and turned out as agreat promise, a new Brazilian grindcore sensation. After the demo came the wretched full-length Sessa~o Descarrego went further, showing a mature band at the level of some of the greatest exponents othe style around the world. Showing that are still active and more brutal, HUTT launch their newest album "Monstrurio" including 23 tracks with a cohesive sound, rapid and violent, supported by a high level production.
The Brazilian answer to bands like NASUM, PIG DESTROYER and LOCK UP - get ready to be blasted to death!

Label: Criminal Attack
www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgyaY2Kr8m8 - listen

ICON OF EVIL / DEAD GOATS (THE)- split CD - 6,5 E / 25 pln

Undisputed uderground Death Metal split from Poland!
TDG hit perfectly as always on swedisch style + cover AUTOPSY.
IOE - righly recommended if you like BOLT THROWER, VITAL REMAINS, DEICIDE.
CD version released by Selfmadegod Records.

Label: selfmadegod rec.
IN DEFENCE - Party lines and politics - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

Fourteen tracks of spastic Ritalin-fueled hardcore thrash from the toxic underbelly of Minneapolis-St Paul. Causticly sarcastic lyrics spewed over super crushing guitar riffs and relentless machine gun-like percussion. IN DEFENCE are definitely hometown favorites (usually drawing bigger crowds than the touring bands they support), have a relentless tour schedule, and are comfortable playing with bands from across the hardcore / punk / metal spectrum. IN DEFENCE have several previous releases out on Learning Curve, Give Praise Scene Credentials and World Won't Listen Records and have been liked to a cross between MUNICPAL WASTE meets CODE 13. Several members of the Profane Existence team ventured out during a blizzard to participate as gues vocalists on this recording! Party Lines and Politics CD is slated for an early release on May 3rd, with the vinyl version coming out for their summer 2011 tour.

Label: Profane Existence
INGROWING / ISACAARUM - split 2xCD - 6 E / 25 pln

This is the infamous INGROWING vs ISACAARUM "Fight Pub" double live CD including a full disc with ISACAARUM live at SWR Festival in Barroselas, Portugal, 30/04/2006 and a full disc with INGROWING live at CSA Dordoni in Cremona, Italy, 2006. Soundboard quality live, an overdose of raw and aggressive Sado/Grind Metal from the Czech aces ISACAARUM and a tornado of hyperblasting Grind ferocity from the Czech masters INGROWING, two of the most representative bands from the Czech scene. Tons of tracks and huge playing time. Recommended!

Label: Lecter
ISKRA - Bureval - digi CD - 7 E / 30 pln

Second full-lenght for those canadian punx. Ripping, fast and brutal black metal influenced by the Norse school (Immortal above all). Grim and cold riffs, hellish vocals and extremely well structured songs. Lyrics are brutally ultrapolitical but no-clich. This is an intense record from all the points of view! Comes with 16 pages big booklet. The CD is called "Bureval" and includes a full-colour digipack with 28-page booklet. About half of the ten songs on the album deal with history of anarchism and resistance in Russia, so this release is a benefit for the St.Petersburg Anarchist Black Cross group ( piter.indymedia.org/a4k ), which organises support for political (anarchist and antifascist) prisoners in Russia

Label: Bloodspit / Drink & Be Merry / Headnoise / MadFly / Total Punk
JILTED - Venti di guerra - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

After a long hiatus of 8 years since their last release, JILTED return more focused and angrier than ever! 10 tracks of Italian Hardcore Crust that is heavily influenced by bands such as IMPACT, WRETCHED mixed with overtones of Japanese bands like later ACROSTIX. Contains a DISRUPT cover and lyric booklet.

Label: Angry rec. / Cactus rec.
LOS REVOLUTIONARIOS - s/t - CD digi - 5 E / 20 pln

Mexican melodic crustpunk band from Saltillo city, Los Revolucionarios demonstrates on this new debut digipack CD, killer melodies and political lyrics. Brilliant cover illustration and aggressive noise inspired by bands like Tragedy and His Hero is Gone...

Label: Akracia rec.
MACHETAZO - Live at CBGB - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

CD version of the limited vinyl pressing released two years ago by Black Mass Records. Live recordings at the legendary CBGB club in NYC. Outstanding sound quality! 15 songs plus MOTRHEAD and VENOM covers, features artwork by Chris Reifert (AUTOPSY, ABSCESS), liner notes by Daryl Kahan. This release puts a final point in music history as it was the last grind/death show at CBGB before it was closed. J.M. Dopico comments on the release: The year 2006 was one of the most active at MACHETAZO history. We played a lot of shows and the highpoint was a minitour we made together with Portlands grinders SPLATTERHOUSE around the USA East Coast on May, the week before Maryland Deathfest IV. The House Of The Blind Dead Tour was fuckin awesome, and together with SPLATTERHOUSE we had the opportunity of share stage with great bands like GRAVES AT SEA, PSYCHO, DEMILICH OR PUNGENT STENCH just to name a few. The best show was in New York City, where we played at the legendary club CBGB. Roy Fox from NECROHARMONIC and Daryl Kahan from FUNEBRARUM were the promotors, and they did a great work. To be into the CBGB was like being into the highest temple of punk and rocknroll, the place was totally old school, underground style and true as fuck. We were drinking a lot of Jack Daniels before the show and went on stage literally on fire, we played a crazy and intense set, also we had no idea about the show being recorded, later we got a cool surprise when the sound guy gave us a CD with the whole show on it! Back home we listened it and got shocked with the amazing top quality sound of the stuff, brought it to Treboada studio and mastered it just to add some loudness and volume, but no overdubs or post-mixes were made, of course, we left the shit exactly as it was that night, real, raw, crude and drunk!. MACHETAZO from Spain are veterans of unadulterated old school grindcore and death metal in the vein of CARCASS, REPULSION, AUTOPSY, IMPETIGO, GENERAL SURGERY, NAPALM DEATH, DEAD INFECTION and the likes.

Label: Selfmadegod
MASSGRAV / BLOOD I BLEED - split CD - 5 E / 20 pln

Tentatively planned to be released on cult SOUND POLLUTION label, here comes the CD version of the great split between BLOOD I BLEED and MASSGRAV. The all-new CD consists of unrelenting, ultra-fast songs by the Dutch masters of non-stop thrash/grind/punk, BLOOD I BLEED, and MASSGRAV, the Swedish kings of fast punk/thrash fury. The bands have recorded respectively 12 and 13 songs each.
If you are into HERESY, INTENSE DEGREE, S.O.B., MOB 47, KRIGSHOT, YACOPSEAE, MY MINDS MINE, HELLNATION, and SIEGE then this split is a must have.

Label: Selfmadegod
MINION - Exile of fear - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

detah metal grind

Label: Pure minds rec.
MONEYI$GOD - M.A.R.K.Z - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

Japans' best kept secret is back with a new album! Fronted by Kan of the legendary 80's punk-thrash act The Asbestos, MONE YI$GOD has been flooding the Japanese underground scene with sheer originality for over a decade by practicing their perpetual belligerence and inimitable crossover between virulent sludge-doom, grim noise rock and endless post punk latitudes .
M.A.R.K.Z kicks off with the tribal pummeling of "Cancer" and continues with the supposedly friendly "Murasaki", but it's only a devious act of diversion before "Black Rainbow" smoothly barge in with a caustic ska rhythm section, super-thick bassline, and above all, Kans' matchless gargling vocals that rumble throughout the entire album like a decisive instigator. "Waltz" lashes right after as a scorching crescendo with its' perforating and frantic gradual guitar parts and functions as a great build up for the epic "Hate Song" a panegyric-like wayward track of unblemished loathing for humanity. The doom-dubbed remix for "Black Rainbow" by Balata (David OPP & Finkelstein of Lietterschpich fame) is the final aggressor that perfectly ends this veritable album of gashed hymns and surged audacities.
Recommended if you like Killing Joke, Zeni Geva, LEWD, Pailhead, Arab on Radar, Christpunchers, Six Finger Satellite, The EX, Nomeansno etc.

Label: hcb rec.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jR3wUOnBGQ - listen
NAPALM DEATH - Smear Campaign - CD - 7 E / 30 pln

grindcore, deathmetal

Label: century media
NEXT VICTIM - Ogien ludzkich fobii - CD (digipack)(+embroidered patch) - 5 E / 20 pln

dark, monumental hard core punk

www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iHAurEsNlk - album to listen
NEXT VICTIM - This moment of silence before the storm - CD (digipack) - 6 E / 25 pln

After great The Cold Gust Of Wind album (released by Sadness Of Noise rec.) NEXT VICTIM (Posen's/Poland punx - ex.MIND POLLUTION) bring you second full lenght album.
Atmospheric tunes born somwhere between masterpiece created by NEUROSIS & JARBOE with conglomerate of crusty sludge core & dark ambient noises with a bit KYLESA's hint!
In 2011 they've done split LP with FROM THE DEPTHS (ex.Catharsis/Requiem - USA). New album entitled Ogien Ludzkich Fobii out in cooperation of Nikt Nic Nie Wie rec./ Scream rec./ Extinction rec./ DIY Kolo rec. and Hasiok rec. in 2013.
"At this point in my life, having been involved in punk since 1980s and played something like 1000 shows, I have to admit it's difficult for me to find new bands that deeply move me. But I'm as excited about Next Victim as I was when I discovered Minor Threat and later His Hero Is Gone, and I'm eager for everyone in the US who has never heard of them to check them out"
"Imagine a really dark, downtempo MARTYRDD with both female and what appears to be male vocals and a tribalish rhythm section that sounds like they were lifted straight from Only Theatre of Pain era CHRISTIAN DEATH. Killer. In addition, there are moments of atmospheric goth (think LYCIA) and dramatic goth-metal; nothing wrong with that. It would be difficult to overstate how dark this album is. Arrangements dont follow anything that might be considered song-oriented but that really works on an album like this. The band have gifted us with a liner notes in both their native Polish as well as English translations (although at least one track is sung primarily in English). Themes seem to deal with more existential matters like the personal turmoil of surviving as an individual in a society that demands conformity to the point of banality.
For fans of FALL OF EFRAFA, ICTUS, NACHTMYSTIUM, RHEAS OBSESSION, or even the 1990s releases of Projekt Records."

- Matt Indignant (Profane Existence)

Label: Zaraza Production
www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iHAurEsNlk - album to listen
NIGHTSTICK - Rock and roll weymouth - CD digi - 5 E / 20 pln

Here we go, the heaviest band in the world! A bit too weird and experimental for the regular doom crowd, too bludgeoningly heavy for the avante-garde folk, NIGHTSTICK were always a bit of a red-headed stepchild at the party. Albeit a red-headed stepchild smoking crack and punching the kid who's party it was in the face. Having recorded this record over twelve years ago and facing the apathy of safe world of big metal labels, finally Rock And Roll Weymouth finds a home at At War With False Noise! As a teenager in the mid-to-late 90s, the metal mainstream was clogged up almost entirely with trendy boring shit and hearing Nightstick for the first time was an absolute revelation for me. I loved how their songs would often just completely fall apart under their own sheer weight and power, meandering under a brutal bass tone of psychedelic guitar freakout for a while before coming back for another assault. Rob Williams was the drummer in the great SIEGE and it seems that being in the band who invented grindcore wasn't enough and slowing it down and turning it up were the only things left to do. Anyway...to the album! This record kinda loosely follows Floyd's Ummagumma with each member of the band contributing a solo piece, along with three long album tracks. The album kicks off at breakneck pace with the band's title song - quite possibly their best tune ever and bests even Pig In Shit for sheer catchy destruction - which halfway through blows itself out in a cloud of psychedelic haze. Emerging from this is the banjo-infused "Let Your Freak Flag Fly", which ends with a hilarious message from the lamest promoter of all time trying to explain why he shat it from putting them on live. "The Boot Of Discipline" is total heavy-duty mantra time and everything is rounded off with a caveman doom version of Also Sprach Zarathustra. Needless to say, to put out a lost album from one of my favourite bands is a mighty honour for myself and for me this is their best record ever (yet?!). ENJOY!

Label: At War With False Noise
NIHILISTIC FRONT (THE) - Procession To Annihilation - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

doom, black metal

Label: aestetic death rec.
NITAD - Ibland Kan Man Inte Hindra Sig Sjalv - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

hard core punk

www.revulsionrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rev11cd05-nitad-ibland-kan-man-inte-hindra-sig-sjalv-cd - listen
NUCLEAR FROST - Anti-Christ / Anti-Nazi - CD - 6 E / 25 pln

metal crust punk

NUCLEAR FROST - Nuclear Winter Gloom - CD - 6 E / 25 pln

metal crust punk

OLD HEAD - Maximum rock - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

Here we go, start 2012 as we mean to go on! This is possibly one of the most atypical of At War releases so far in that it's not got any experimental basis to it at all and well, it does exactly what it says on the tin: MAXIMUM ROCK. I kinda feel that AWWFN is my label and so it should reflect my tastes to a large degree, and so "more metal" may indicate the general trajectory the label is going in. Anyway, enough of the bullshit: Old Head are fucking great! Essentially this is grind maniacs TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION playing a great fusion of early 90s-style thrash and classic rock stylings, with the inimitable Megadan Tumelo on vocals. Just check the back cover of the CD: Dan has the HEAVY METAL comic logo tattooed on his arm: nuff said! Anyway: to the music. Old Head's roots are most defiitely in 70s rock; the three covers on this record are testament to that: "Fat Man" by Jethro Tull, a refreshingly non-obvious Sabbath cover in "Rock And Roll Doctor" and my favourite, a thrash re-imagining of CSNY's "Cut My Hair". Maybe it's the sentiment but that song is just a belter! OH have their own style though, and that is brilliant catchy riffs, superb tight-as-fuck drumming (Rich Hoak - you may have heard of him - his day job is to pound the skins in on the of greatest grind bands ever, Brutal Truth), great sing-a-long heavy metal choruses (as they should be!) and superb, really beefy production. This record basically had me feeling like I was a teenager again, and at a time when trends just seem to be dictating the music industry at a major level and in the underground, Old Head play what they like to play because they have to, and I am absolutely 100% behind that! "We are a band called Old Head, taking rock and roll back from the dead. We don't praise satan, we don't praise god, and to the old school we give a nod" Bang on!

Label: At War With False Noise
POSTMORTEM - Seeds of devastation - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

German Death Metal veterians back with the 5th full length 2010 CD. Great Disc, a must for fans of Master!!!

Label: War Anthem rec.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmxOgO48Gqw - listen
RESISTANT CULTURE - All One Struggle - CD - 6 E / 25 pln

metal crust punk

Label: profane existence rec.
RIVERGE - Rebirth of skull - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

thrash metal

Label: mdd rec.
SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS - Them - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

UKs SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS return with the first full length in 22 years!!! 20 brand new songs recorded by Bri (DOOM) prove the quartet from Scarborough havent rested on their laurels and can still play aggressive and ultra fast hardcore/punk mixed with grind/thrash frenzy, fueled by political lyrics. This will definitely appeal to all fans of ACTIVE MINDS, DISORDER, ATAVISTIC, ELECTRO HIPPIES, LARM, HERESY and makes you feel like its second half of the 80s of the 20th century.

Label: Selfmadegod rec.
SIMBIOSE - Evolution? - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

grindcore crust metal punk

STATE OF THE UNION - In The Bitter End... A Discography - CD - 6 E / 25 pln

dark hard core punk - are you like Dystopia, Econochrist?

Label: Profane Existence rec.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8w6efzd5j4 - listen
TALBOT - Scaled - CD (digipack) - 6 E / 25 pln

Estonian stoner/doom duo Talbot with Magnus Andre on bass guitar, synths, vocals and Jarmo Nuutre on drums & vocals, this duo from Estonias capital Tallinn, has created quite a unique sound indeed, encompassing flourishes of vibrant psychedelia, rich atmospherics and, of course, massive riffs. After releasing their debut EP Tundra in 2008, Talbots first full length EOS was nominated for the Best Metal album of 2010 at the Estonian Music Awards, and the pair have gone from strength to strength since then. Their second album Scaled was released digitally in April this year, and landed the pair a support slot with Italys psych-doom kings Ufomammut.

Label: Obskure Sombre rec.
TESTER GIER - Speed metal - CD (digipack) - 6 E / 25 pln

thras metal, thrash hard core

Label: Spook rec.
UNHOLY GRAVE - Grind killers - CD (digipack) - 7 E / 30 pln

grindcore (limited edition released in digipack)

Label: Selfmadegod
VOETSEK - Infernal command - CD - 5 E

tharsh core / thrash metal

Label: selfmadegod rec.
WALK THROUGH FIRE - Furthest From Heaven - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

doom sludge

Label: aestetic death rec.
WRECK OF THE HESPERUS - Light Rotting Out - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

doom metal (Limited A5 hard cardboard sleeve with four inserts containing artwork, lyrics and credits)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9tZQzUj8Tk - listen
YAKUZA HORROR - Y Vendran mil Anos Mas - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

Apocalyptic and misanthropic crustcore from Spain.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=jct8G7b3VK8 - listen
YATTAI - Fast Music Means Love - CD - 5 E / 20 pln

"Whether you perceive it as a pitfall or not, when the foot slams on the pedal most fastcore shares that indistinguishable guitar blur as all those riffs lament into one another, the odd astounding one jumping ahead of the stampede, hooking you for a moment or two before being trampled back into the swing of things, a cycle which repeats itself in perpetuum; Such was the paradigm of fastcore. Inverting this schematic by offering concise, clear and catchy riffs one after the other without any inclination towards industrial blandness or repetition would be French posthaste grindcore inclined fastcore greyhounds Yattai. I would hesitate to call it a game-changing reformulation despite its heavy departure from tradition, not only in light of its capsized presentation, but also in that unlike most fastcore acts who tend to draw inspiration from parent and sister genres: hardcore and powerviolence, Yattai take their inspirations from less canonical, but equally valid sources such as Grindcore and death metal; ultimately giving fastcore one of its most refreshing face lifts to date. All genre pandering aside, Yattai's unorthodox method is of comparable strength to other fastcore players, and have even gone so far as to have penned their own innate eccentricity; a hallmark often found in the best of the fastcore buffs, although no where near as barking mad as Quattro Stagioni or Hellnation, nor on the same level of awesomeness, the certifiably insane madness puts a flavour in motion that's easily lapped up and thoroughly enjoyed throughout, and often serves as a line of connectivity across all those speedball passages they whisk through. Its rampantly fast, and manages to tout a fine line between managing its impulsiveness and being well thought out giving them the right amount of push in development, but also very good at keeping the listener on their toes. Furthermore there is an inherent twangy groove in the cogs too, one set in a wiry frame and contributing the overall edginess and another push into the left of centre play field they gambol around. Contagious riffs aside (although there as some truly succulent Magrudergrind type power chord crunching types to tear into), the vocals and drum work don't slack off and make equally valid contributions to Yattai's flagrant meanders. Vocals are spot on, nothing too extreme nor guttural just sensical shouts that amplify the mood and disperse any tension, and the drum work present is exceptionally excitable and diverse, offering a really nice variation of blasts, at no point slipping into meaningless or serving as an instrumental metronome. Everything just gels together rather attractively and culminates in what is a really well rounded product, a must have for any fans of fast music, and if one you dare bitches it ain't punk enough to be fastcore: ta gueule putain!"
- grindtodeath.com

Label: obskure sombre / everydayhate
V/A - ZA KROTKO ZA SZYBKO - CD + booklet - 7 E / 30 pln

Great hard core / punk compilation from Poland - 112 bands with mostly premiere songs specially prepared for this CD - each one is maximal 20 secods. CD out in big "DVD box" including great booklet with all bands lyrics/photos/infos.
Check band-list below - it's really worht to have this compilation:
10 FOLD Pressure
208 PRESTISSIMO Samodzielne Mylenie
APORIA ycie Zbyt Krtkie Jest
ASTRID LINDGREN O Psie Ktry Jezdzi Kolej
BULBULATORS Bulbus-Ledwozipus
CASTET Nie Gadam Z Tob Bo Chodzisz W Polarze
CRIMINAL TANGO Weekend W Moim Miecie
DEAD AMOEBA I dont want to grow up
DIFFENBACHIA Trzy Ciosy Fekal Penetratora
DINTOJRA With Dick And Straight
ENTH wiadectwo Istnienia
EXMISJA Blokada Wstrtu
FAUSTO COPPI Przegraj Swoje ycie
GOOD LOOKIN OUT Fight For My Rights
HARD CASE Hardcore Punk
HEATHS Hopes Wants Reality
INTIFADA SWING Tacz Mnie Po Mioci Kres
JUST 1 Koniec Gry
K.A.S.K. Turn On Your Own Sun
M-16 Na Siebie Licz
MAGIC & DEAD COIOTS Silesian Rock And Roll
MARSZ NA WASZYNGTON Krlestwo Niebieskie
MEINHOF Punk Rock Stars Is Fucked
NA ZEWNTRZ Codzienno
NIE!POTRZEBNI Za Mundur (Skurwysyn)
NONGORE HELL Inside The Venom
ODC McVegan
REARRANGE Theres No Time For The Boring Music
REGRES Wbrew Temu Co Byo
RESPONDENT Akupunktura W Stopniu Zaawansowanym
RIOGRINDE Without Reason
R.U.T.A. Orabym Ja Wami
SEAGHOAT Ambivalence
SNAFU This Is The Moment
STREET CHAOS Przemoc I Agresja
STREGESTI Jeszcze Wicej
SUFFERING MIND Ireneusz Je Sceniczny Zwierz!
SZAJBA W Kawiarni
T.O.B. Jak Chc
TERRORDOME Artur Katamita
TESTER GIER Siara Na Gitary
THE CORPSE Tutaj S Wszyscy
THE KURWS Punki Tego Nie Kupi
THE SABAA BACAA Punkowa Legitymacja
W.G. Mikoaju Won
WARSAW DOLLS Giermkowie ycia W 20 Sekund
WE ARE IDOLS 300 Miles
WERWOLF 77 Nie Pierdol Tylko ykaj
WSCHD I Belived In You

Label: Kwadraciok / Pasazer