BISON - One Thousand Needles/Calm Friendly And Euthymic - Tape - 5 E / 20 pln

As solid as its name, Bison has proven what it takes to keep on rocking those tube amps with pounding guitar riffage. For those who lives in Vancouver BC, Canada, you know it yourself without further explanation. Originally pressed on wax by War On Music Records, and now available on cassette.

Label: BTNKcllctv
CHAOSBRINGER - Immersion In Darkness - Tape - 4 E / 16 pln

Straight from chasm, first demo of skullcrushing & heavy as fuck brand wew death metal/stench crust band from St.Petersburg/Russia - Chaosbringer.. For fans of Prophecy Of Doom, Bolt Thrower, Undergang... Play it fukkin loud & prepare to re devastated!

Label: Cadaveric Dissolution Rec.
GAUR - s/t - Tape - 4 E / 16 pln

Malaysian GAUR - this is their first self-titled demo with upbeat sludge, metal, punk with DIY custom handbuilt guitar pedal to 'create' their own sound.

Label: BTNKcllctv
GORILLA PULP - Hell In A Can - Tape - 4 E / 16 pln

Gorilla Pulp is based in Italy. This is their first EP recorded with rock-n-roll, sludge, stoner-esque and blues into their mix. Contains 4 songs in total, clocking around 15 minutes to make your day rolling. Try imagine Motorhead under the influence of pot.

Label: BTNKcllctv
HELLISHEAVEN - Abyss Of War - Tape - 4 E / 16 pln

Tape verion of Abyss Of War album + bonus song from split EP with WEALD.
After 3 splits (respectively with CREEPING CORRUPT, BATTERED/CZAS ZLAMAC PRAWO/HUMARROGANCE and DISSENT) it was high time for the crew from Lublin to release their first full-length album. And here it is - 12 inches of black as coal vinyl in gatefold cover with death metal boiling up and seething inside it with an intensity that even BOLT THROWER, ASPHYX or STORMCROW wouldn't be ashamed of. Since you may know band's members also from grindcore SUFFERING MIND and doom metal ENTH, you'll for sure notice that what we are dealing here with is a resultant of these bands pace and heaviness, backed by technical skills of the musicians and ripping production by Arek "Malta" Malczewski (working with BEHEMOTH on a daily basis). The effect is indisputable.

Label: Sukma rec.
HORSEHUNTER - Caged In Flesh - Tape - 4 E / 16 pln

Melbourne's heavy stoner doom, Horsehunter, is about to take you on a 'high' road. Your riff's addiction will be cured instantly with the long and dragging sludge melody made to its perfection. This album also available on wax by Magnetic Eye Records.

Label: BTNKcllctv
PYRAMIDO - Saga - Tape - 4 E / 16 pln

If you longing for a psychedelic riffs infused with metal, Pyramido is your best choice. Put it as howling wolf intoxicated with high octane methane gas. The cassette version is repressed after countless of sold-out.

Label: BTNKcllctv
VULTURES AT ARMS REACH - Colossus - Tape - 4 E / 16 pln

metal noise post-metal sludge stoner Santa Cruz

Label: BTNKcllctv