Available ZARAZA PRODUCTION releases.

Z23 - HELLISHEAVEN - Abyss Of War - LP gatefold
- available
After 3 splits (respectively with CREEPING CORRUPT, BATTERED/CZAS ZLAMAC PRAWO/HUMARROGANCE and DISSENT) it was high time for the crew from Lublin to release their first full-length album.
And here it is - 12 inches of black as coal vinyl in gatefold cover with Death Metal boiling up and seething inside it with an intensity that even BOLT THROWER, ASPHYX or STORMCROW wouldn't be ashamed of.
Since you may know band's members also from grindcore SUFFERING MIND and doom metal ENTH, you'll for sure notice that what we are dealing here with is a resultant of these bands pace and heaviness, backed by technical skills of the musicians and ripping production by Arek "Malta" Malczewski (working with BEHEMOTH on a daily basis). The effect is indisputable.
- 525 black vinyl
in cooperation with:
Addiction To War
Underground Movement

> hellisheaven.bandcamp.com
> facebook.com/hellisheaven

Z22 - SUFFERING MIND / H.407 - split LP
- limit 180g magenta, gloosy cover - available
- standard 180g magenta, matt cover - available
This long awaited split was announced 4 years ago - now it's time to put words into flesh.
Well known unstopable grindcore machine Suffering Mind fuelled by DIY punk scene from Lublin city this time presents how devastaitng they are on live sets - who saw them at least once knows exactly what to expect from this wax - 14 pieces of unleashed hell!
Recorded in Rostock's harbor thanks to awesome Andy of Wojczech and Stubnit's crew!
And on the flip side grindcore crust massacre from Poland's Podkarpacie region with it's never released (till now) last recording session from 2008. In the past they released 2 tapes and shared splits with Agathocles, Disarm and Human Error.
Here you can find 10 totally crushing brutal punk songs that can't be compared to their previous materials.
Covers of Shitlickers' "Sprackta Snutskallara" and Stradoom Terror's "Serial Killer" included.
Members of H.407 can be found nowadays in S.A.T.A.N, Hellisheaven and Zaraza Production.
525 copies of heavy 180g magenta transparent vinyl packed in old school crusty way - skulls/bones & black/white style.
- 98 copies magenta 180 gr vinyl - glossy paper sleeve
- 427 copies magenta 180 gr vinyl - matt paper sleeve
in cooperation with:

> sufferingmind.bandcamp.com
> facebook.com/sufferingmind
> myspace.com/H407

- transparent yellow/orange vinyl - available
Blast... Darkness... Punk!
Includes download code.
No repress in future!
- 666 copies transparent yellow/orange vinyl
in cooperation with:
Halo Of flies
To Live A lie

> sufferingmind.bandcamp.com
> facebook.com/sufferingmind
> protestantmilwaukee.com
> facebook.com/PROTESTANTMKE

Z18 - INFEKCJA -s/t (2011) - EP
- red vinyl - available
- black vinyl - available
Yes, thats right! Newest 7 inches those crust masters from Wroclaw city is ready to smash your head and open your brain for daylight.
Raging, political crust core in scandinavian way. Housed in beautiful double fold-out artwork and extra black foil sleeve with silver print.
Prepare place in your rack somwhere in between of STATE OF FEAR, WARCOLLAPSE, DISRUPT.
- 300 red transparent vinyl
- 730 black vinyl
in cooperation with:
Chaos W Mojej Gowie
Drop Our
Trujaca Fala

> infekcja.blogspot.com

Z08 - NEXT VICTIM - This moment of silence before the storm - digi CD
- available
After great The Cold Gust Of Wind album (released by Sadness Of Noise rec.) NEXT VICTIM (Posen's/Poland punx - ex.MIND POLLUTION) bring you second full lenght album.
Atmospheric tunes born somwhere between masterpiece created by NEUROSIS & JARBOE with conglomerate of crusty sludge core & dark ambient noises with a bit KYLESA's hint!
In 2011 they've done split LP with FROM THE DEPTHS (ex.Catharsis/Requiem - USA). New album entitled Ogien Ludzkich Fobii out in cooperation of Nikt Nic Nie Wie rec./ Scream rec./ Extinction rec./ DIY Kolo rec. and Hasiok rec. in 2013.
"At this point in my life, having been involved in punk since 1980s and played something like 1000 shows, I have to admit it's difficult for me to find new bands that deeply move me. But I'm as excited about Next Victim as I was when I discovered Minor Threat and later His Hero Is Gone, and I'm eager for everyone in the US who has never heard of them to check them out"
"Imagine a really dark, downtempo MARTYRDD with both female and what appears to be male vocals and a tribalish rhythm section that sounds like they were lifted straight from Only Theatre of Pain era CHRISTIAN DEATH. Killer. In addition, there are moments of atmospheric goth (think LYCIA) and dramatic goth-metal; nothing wrong with that. It would be difficult to overstate how dark this album is. Arrangements dont follow anything that might be considered song-oriented but that really works on an album like this. The band have gifted us with a liner notes in both their native Polish as well as English translations (although at least one track is sung primarily in English). Themes seem to deal with more existential matters like the personal turmoil of surviving as an individual in a society that demands conformity to the point of banality.
For fans of FALL OF EFRAFA, ICTUS, NACHTMYSTIUM, RHEAS OBSESSION, or even the 1990s releases of Projekt Records."

- Matt Indignant (Profane Existence)
- 500 digipack deluxe

> www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iHAurEsNlk full album to listen
> nextvictim.band.pl

Z05 - SUFFERING MIND - At war with mankind - 10"MLP
- transparent vinyl - available
Uncompromising and powerfull brutal grindcore from Poland, with incredible, totally devastating female vocals - you will get skinned alive by those inhuman screams and growls!
These grinders are deeply rooted in D.I.Y. punk scene for many years - band was born on the ashes of ANTICHRIST, PEOPLE HATE, SILENCE, AXIS. "At War..." is first full length album, after debut EP released by French label Addition To War rec.
Band also appear on splits with LYCANTHROPHY, WOJTYA, ASSHAMMER, SCOURGE SCHEMATIC, NEON HOLE... and many others.
This 10" comes with 2 unreleased bonus songs pressed on transparent clear vinyl!
- 435 copies of clear transparent vinyl
- 65 clear transparent vinyl, hand-numbered edition with additional DISCHARGE style artwork. - sold out
in cooperation with:
Drop Out rec.

> sufferingmind.bandcamp.com
> facebook.com/sufferingmind